Casa de Soto, Havana


La Casa de Soto, Havana

Havana is a vibrant city with incredibly welcoming locals. The Cubans themselves love talking to people from abroad, always asking questions and showing us their way of life. During the seven days on my first trip to Cuba, I was invited into so many homes I lost count. However, La casa de Soto in this photo essay is my favorite of them all.


Casa de soto : top floor bedroom © pobunya


Grandmother's room in Havana © pobunya


Casa de soto : downstairs bedroom © pobunya

Each room is painted a different color. The living spaces in this house are very bare because of poverty. But while each room lack things, they are full of character that is essentially Cuban. The front door, for example, is pre revolution Spanish in style. For daily usage, the small door is the main entry. During big events, the two larger doors are opened up to integrate the interior corridor with the street.

My only wished I was fluent in Spanish to speak to the grandmother. Judging from her age, she was probably around during the revolution of 1959. I would like to ask her what life was like then compared to now.


The Soto family in front of their large Spanish doors © pobunya


The Soto family in their havanan home's entry way © pobunya

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